Manual Controls

Spring Assist with Bottom Bar Key Lock

Ozroll’s spring operated roller shutters offer a practical solution to commercial applications such as shop fronts, bars and canteens where added security is required. Assembled orders are supplied with a spring inside the axle which is specifically tensioned to the weight of the shutter, allowing simple and easy installation and operation.

This design provides a smooth, effortless motion in opening and to close it is as simple as pulling the curtain down using the handles provided, then locking it in place with Ozroll’s Bottom Bar Key Lock. The key lock can be custom ordered to face outside the shutter towards the head box (standard) or inside the shutter (reverse).

We are also able to supply an Intermittent Flat Locking Slat for applications where it is necessary for the lock to be accessible at a point in the curtain which is above the Bottom Bar.

Tensioning Assist Springs

The U shape tool provided in the kit box is used for stabilizing the axle and assist spring when the amount of turns on the spring must be adjusted. Re-tensioning the springs to the correct amount of turns is simple:

  1. Disconnect the spring fasteners from the Octagonal steel axle (Ensure the U shape tool provided is placed into the crown position of the assist spring when doing so) This will allow no movement. The curtain can be left sitting in the window and guides; there is no need to remove the curtain.
  2. Depending on the tension required remove the U shape tool and hold onto the Octagonal axle when performing this.
  3. Proceed to turn the axle either forward or backwards one or however many required complete rotations depending on whether more or less turns are required.
  4. Once the assist spring is tensioned correctly place the U shape tool into the crown position of the assist spring to ensure no movement when connecting the spring fasteners.
  5. Proceed to connect the spring fasteners to the octagonal axle
  6. Once connected remove the U shape tool whilst holding the octagonal axle and slowly release the axle and allow the curtain to roll up to the top position of the guides (where the V stoppers hit the box end inserts). The assist spring should now have the correct amount of tension/turns required.
  7. If the curtain is still not tensioned correctly repeat the instructions accordingly until the desired tension is found.

Elipso Strap Controls

This modern day take on a conventional design is mainly used on smaller openings where there is a lack of wall space. The Elipso Strap Control offers a smooth appearance, incorporating a contemporary curved design that suits today’s home improvement trends.

High quality materials are used on both the casing and the internal mechanism, which means a quick and reliable operation with an attractive finish.


Series 2 Multi-Fit Winder

This unit is available for use with both a cord or tape running through the wall cavity down to the Winder Kit which is fixed on the inside wall.

This winder box offers the diversity of both vertical and horizontal installation by simple exchange of the roller and hole cap provided.

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