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Each Rollashield is engineered and custom built to suit our clients’ needs by company trained technicians who meticulously inspect our products under strict Quality Control Guidelines. We are Australia's largest Roller Shutter Manufacturer, offering a wide range of profiles to suit commercial and residential properties.

The Rollashield assembly area is part of a production line that has grown to become the largest Roller Shutter manufacturer in Australia. Located at Ozroll’s head office, the site covers an area of 14,000m2, just 5km North of Adelaide’s CBD. With offices in Brisbane as well, we currently employ over 100 personnel within Australia and further expansion is on the horizon both nationally and internationally.

Our world class, state of the art manufacturing facility incorporates Dreistern roll formers, commonly known worldwide as ‘The Ultimate in Roll Forming’. This is where we roll form not only our own slat but also two different types of boxing using aluminium that has either been sourced from within the country or from reputable European suppliers.

Roller Shutters provide consumers the ideal home improvement option with benefits that include energy savings and reduced greenhouse emissions through thermal insulation as well as dulling noise and offering complete light block out. In addition to this they also provide protection against the elements and add security to a home, all while increasing the value of the property. With this in mind Roller Shutters are the perfect choice for a business’ diversification and Ozroll is committed to supporting distributors and helping make selling easy.

Our internationally renowned E-Series Ozroll Drive System was released to the market over a decade ago and has since been influential to the growth of the industry, not only locally, it has put Australia on the map worldwide with successful export into America, Asia, South Africa and even Europe, the Roller Shutter capital of the world. So much so that Ozroll now has offices based in Frankfurt, Germany.

As an industry leader we remain committed to research and development, with great emphasis placed on continuous improvement of our products, as well as our customer service and internal operating systems. This provides us with the fundamentals required to generate and share success with our distributors.


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