The E-3Way switch allows three Ozroll Drive Systems to be operated separately by only one E-Port, for such instances as a Box or Bay Window Roller Shutter. Acting as a circuit breaker, the E-3Way receives the power delivered from the controller and relays it to one of three shutters selected at the time by the operator. This makes it a convenient and cost effective option for operating multiple shutters within a close proximity, such as bay or box windows. Generally for the most user friendly operation, designate shutters 1-3 from left to right.

For example:
1 = left window
2 = middle window
3 = right window

When you press the number related to the desired shutter an LED will light to indicate the selection has been made and you can then use the E-Port to operate that shutter. This selection will remain valid for 60 seconds, at which point the E-3Way will revert back to the default shutter. The default shutter can be selected by pressing and holding the preferred number for 5 seconds until the correlating LED flashes.



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The E-Series 3 Way switch for a Bay Window Roller Shutter is a wholesale item only. No transactions can be done directly with public.

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